“Intelligence, quality, skill, refinement and honesty, all very prominent factors in these three young performers who are creating BREZZA, something great, I look forward to what the future holds for them”

Mario Guada, CODALARIO

Founded during the stay of its members at theSchola Cantorum Basiliensis, BREZZA is one of the most versatile ensembles specialized in historically informed performance of 17th and 18th-century music in today’s scene, inviting collaborators who enrich the experience of each of its programs.

BREZZA’s repertoire focuses on music from the 17th and 18th centuries, featuring traverso, violin, viola da gamba, plucked strings, and harpsichord. T’ he use of original instruments or replicas thereof, along with rigorous historical study of performance practice through various treatises and sources, marks BREZZA’s main objective: to achieve an interpretation ofthe repertoire as close as possible to each composer’soriginal intent. Another important aspect for BREZZA is the revival of the practice of preluding.

Winning multiple national and international competitions has allowed them to propel and develop their professional careers. Recently, BREZZA was awarded the Young Art Prize of Castilla y León. In 2022, they won first prize at the International Early Music Competition in Gijón, Spain, and became artists in residence, becoming the «Rheinsberger Hofkapelle» for 2022/2023 ni Germany, chanks to winning the first prize. In the same year, they were also artists at AlEenRUTA. A year earlier, they won the first prize «#GeneraciónSMADE 2021» at the sand Early Music Week in Estella-Lizarra, Spain, second prize at the «Biagio Marini Competition» in Germany, best video at the International Early Music Competition in Gijon, ECOS Festival prize, Baroque Sparks prize, and became part of the circuit network of Juventudes Musicales de España. In 2019, they won their first prize «Baroque Oddities» at the Ribera Alta Baroque Music Festival.

All of this has solidified their presence in the world of early music, participating in numerous festivals across different countries in Europe: Utrecht Early Music Festival (Netherlands), Madrid International Sacred Music Festival (Spain), Santander International Early Music Festival (Spain), Musikfestspiele Potsdam Sanssouci (Germany), Freunde Alte Musik Basel (Switzerland), Fundación Juan March in Madrid (Spain), AMUZ Festival in Antwerp (Belgium), among others.

Traverso, Pablo Gigosos

Viola da gamba, Marina Cabello del Castillo

Harpsichord, Teun Braken